Huge Blond Bitch

BBW Forever - Huge Blond Bitch

Huge Blond Bitch Pleases Two Cocks. Melinda is one big but sexy slut. Buried under all of her rolls is a big juicy wet pussy. Our pair of studs Tibor and Gabor waste no time prepping her to show it to us. After fondling and kissing her rather large bobs they gently spread her massive legs to expose her womanhood in all its glory. As one gets a blow job the other spreads her moist pussy lips and plows her cunt long and hard. A full view of her clit while being hammered by a swollen sword allows us to imagine we are there. Her reward for all this effort is a massive orgasm and their love juiced spread all over her boobs.

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Redhead BBW in Threesome

BBW Forever - Redhead BBW in Threesome

Redhead BBW in Threesome Field Fucking. You can never call Mary F unwilling to try everything. This beautiful, big redhead is on her knees in the middle of a field, sucking at two cocks like her life depends on it. Her massive natural tits are absolutely gorgeous, and as big as they are they are remarkably perky. She is sporting quite a few fat folds that her two fuck buddies exploit, pushing one dick down her throat and slamming the other deep inside of her big, fat cunt. She is loving the harsh treatment and the fucking, all of her folds bouncing around.

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Mud Covered Chubby

BBW Forever - Mud Covered Chubby

Farmer Fucks Mud Covered Chubby. If you love story lines, and unusual ones at that, you are going to love this scene. It features a rural farmer out chopping wood who then goes to his shed, unlocks it and drags out his “pet”, a large women with big breasts. He treats her like a pig, making her wallow in mud and making her eat to fatten her up even more. All of this massaging mud onto her ample breasts gets the farm excited and before you know it his cock comes out as a special treat. Eventually he fucks the living daylights out of her and it ends as yet another happy day on the farm.

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Redhead Older Chub

BBW Forever - Redhead Older Chub

Redhead Older Chub Fucks Two Studs. Sexy redhead Ms. Tiffany has a lot of cushion for the pushin. She is a BBW with huge all natural breasts. She gets off by sucking on her on tits and playing with the nipples while rubbing her hairy pussy with her other hand. Little does she know that two guys are watching her finger her fat pussy and want in on the action. Ms. Tiffany is eager to invite these much younger studs to climb on board and give her the satisfaction she desires. She knows she is more than enough of a woman to satisfy them both.

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Chubby Belane

BBW Forever - Chubby Belane

Chubby Belane Wants A Spurt In Her Pussy. Chubby tart Belane is desperate for a cock! She can’t wait to show off her curvaceous frame for older gentleman Nevil, who watches in admiration as she flants her assets in front of him. Then she literally pounces on his cock, pushing him back on to his chair and sucking on his erect penis. Once she’s got it nice and hard, he doesn’t get a chance to get up; she just pushes him down with her superior weight, manhandling him until his penis is inside her slutty cunt! She grinds on the cock like her life depends on it, working it until she feels the first dribble of precum filling her hairy snatch. She takes the rest in her mouth.

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Enormous Fatty

BBW Forever - Enormous Fatty

Enormous Fatty Felt While Unconscious. At the beginning of this BBW sex movie, an enormous fatty weighs herself on the scales. She hangs her head in shame – she is fucking enormous! In despair, she has a drink of forbidden orange juice, triggering a diabetic fit that leaves her unconscious on the floor with vomit dribbling out of the corner of her mouth. Her roommate discovers her; however, instead of reviving her, he takes the chance to lift up her top and to feel her enormous tits in a perverted manner! Waking up to find her genitals being ravaged turns on this sex starved fatty, and she soon has the stud’s cock in her mouth. Then he pounds the absolute shit out of her!

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Obese Brunette BBW

BBW Forever - Obese Brunette BBW

Obese Brunette Chokes On A Meaty Cock. Obese brunette Zsizsi is reading in her room when she is surprised by muscular young buck Mraz. However, she turns into the aggressor, ordering him to get his cock out of his pants and feed it into her waiting mouth. She is used to opening her mouth wide for a good feeding, and so even this large cock looks pitiful inside her gaping maw. Then she gets on top, pushing the surprised young stud onto his back and bouncing on his prick in reverse cowgirl. She is completely bald down below, with a juicy tight pussy that is sure to satisfy. This hot slut has also got a fine pair of natural tits, and they bounce nicely during the sex.

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Horny Fat Harlot

BBW Forever - Horny Fat Harlot

Horny Fat Harlot Jumps On A Stiff Cock. This horny fat slut is insatiable! Her name is Baby Bear, and it is a suitable name; this babe is large, wild and she belongs in the zoo! First she rides a Sybian out in the backyard, completely nude. She squats right down on the tool as it thrusts in and out of her pussy on the highest setting. Unsatisfied, and in need of some real man meat, she walks around the grounds until she sees regular sized stud Mraz sunbathing. She wakes him from his slumber with a hot surprise blow job, making him jump up in alarm. However, when he realizes that there is a horny fat slut with a wet pussy waiting to be pleasured, he jumps on board!

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Chubby Chicks Bun

BBW Forever - Chubby Chicks Bun

Guy Becomes Weiner In Chubby Chicks Bun. A very large and completely naked woman plays with herself while slapping her belly. A french sandwich maker comes along in the countryside and offers her a sandwich. She ends up trading it in just for a a bun which she wraps around the guys dick and licks the meat inside and takes the occasional bite. Now that is one scenario every guy has thought of. Who wouldn’t want to be the weiner in some chicks bun? After a bit of titty fucking the horny duo lay down on the grass together and the younger stud gives this belly full of jelly a fucking of a lifetime.

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Large Chick

BBW Forever - Large Chick

Large Chick Feels Sexy While She Fucks. This brunette chick is huge but unlike most fat chicks who keep their hair short like a guy and don’t feel they are appealing, this chick knows that there are a ton of guys who find her appealing. She feels sexy and it shines through as a young stud does a photo shoot on her. Her cuteness shines through to give the guy a major boner which she wastes no time wrapping her huge breasts around. She gets the guy to slide his dick between her breasts before she grabs that hard monster and starts sucking on it. The action only gets hotter with this sexy chunky chick and her conquest.

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